VERONA Radio Club Curaçao

PJ2A Repeater

The callsign PJ2A is used for both: an analog repeater situated in Willemstad and a D-Star Repeater.


The analog repeater operates on 147.000 MHz,with a CTCSS tone of 100 Hz, and requires a positive shift with 0.600 MHz. If you come from Europe, your TRX needs to have an extended frequency range to operate on that. The repeater uses svxlink and offers a lot of services, the most important being Echolink access using the call PJ2BR-R (node #127954).

The repeater is steered with DTMF tones, svxlink itself is organized with modules. As a rule of thump:

dialing a number enters a module
dialing a # disconnects the module

Inside a module, module-dependent DMTF codes are used. Usually these are announced over the air.

The following modules are installed at the moment:

0: help (help for all modules are available under the help module!)
1: Parrot
2: Echolink
3: METAR information from Curacao‘s Hato Airport (no other airports are configured yet).


The digital D-Star repeater runs on 438.825MHz -7.6MHz (New QRG since April 2017!) and offers full ircddb access (reflectors and callsign routing).