VERONA Radio Club Curaçao

Hams visiting Curacao


Operating on Curaçao

As probably everywhere in the world, you need a valid ham radio license to operate ham radio equipment and use spectrum. Our country participates in CEPT T/R 61-01, so if you own a valid „CEPT amateur radio license“, you may operate within the limits of your license and obeying the laws of Curaçao without any additional paperwork.

If you hold a valid radio license but your country country does NOT issue CEPT licenses, you will need a guest license. Please contact us.


Infrastructure on Curaçao

We run a couple of repeaters, one with Echolink access point (see the PJA page), a D-Star repeater (with ircddb connection) and a Winlink Packet (PACLINK) and PACTOR access point. This infrastructure is also open to visitors.

Please keep in mind that these services are also used for emergency communication and this traffic has of course priority. Nearly all people are able to communicate in English and Dutch. Papiamento, the native languague of the island, is probably unknown to nearly all visitors.